Tipling is the northernmost village development cluster of the Dhading district in Nepal. Sitting above 2000m below the Ganesh Himal mountain range that separates Tibet and Nepal, it is still today a remote region, where one needs to walk several days to reach. Its population, the Tamang are believed to have come from Tibet around the 7th century. Whilst they have remained Buddhists throughout the centuries, many have converted to Christianity.

On April 25 2015, a severe earthquake with a magnitude of 8.1 struck Nepal, leaving a trail of destruction across the country, and destroying nearly all houses in Tipling. Although a number of humanitarian agencies, NGOs and inter-governmental bodies have competed to provide aid and reconstruction activities, the difficulty in getting first-aid, food and raw materials to such a remote place rendered the mission much harder than expected.

“While in the past they bargained from position of equality because they traded grain desired by Tibetans for the salt that they required, they are becoming increasingly involved in an economy that requires them to sell their labor in unequal exchange and in competition with others who must do the same.“ — Thomas E. Fricke